Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The final Chapter

It's been over a year since I last posted to this blog and much has changed.

My recovery from MS is now complete. All of my symptoms have now disappeared and I'm able to work at exercising my body to its full strength. Life's good.

The symptom that took the most time to eliminate was trigeminal neuralgia. Even after recovering the use of my legs to within normal parameters I was plagued with TN and became comvinced that it was going to be with me forever.

I tried everything - diet, meditation, alternative medicines, massage, cranio-sacral therapy, visualisation, acupuncture. You name it, I tried it. Nothing shifted the pain that persisted in torturing me daily.

I noticed that the more I thought about it the more of a problem it became so in desperation I turned to distraction and played Spider Solitaire on my laptop whenever the pain struck. It made the problem bearable.

Encouraged by this, I then started to tell a new story. I said to myself (and anyone who asked about it) that "I've tried everything else so now I'm giving the 'ignore it and it will go away' principle a go". So that's what I did.

After a while I noticed that the incidence and severity of the problem reduced and I began to feel optimistic that this was actually working for me. So it became a habit to completely ignore the MS and be happy that I was getting better and better every day.

The TN is completely gone now and my policy for maintaining my wellness is happiness. At any moment in time I care about how I feel and I look for things that take me to a better-feeling place. I used to live almost exclusively in my head before and now I live in my heart most of the time and the benefits of this approach are huge.

I appreciate life and have little time for the small stuff that used to preoccupy me. My creativity as an artist is at an all-time high. Life is wonderful.

So this is my last post to this blog. I'm way too busy enjoying my life and work to spend even another moment contemplating what is now ancient history for me.

Bye and best wishes.


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